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What good does it do to have beautiful landscaping done or spend many hours of your own time planting flowers, shrubs, trees and plants in your garden if you do not make sure the garden is properly maintained? This is where the garden maintenance Irvine experts in our database can offer assistance. A wide range of services to fit any budget are available from the pre-approved companies in our network.

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Irvine garden maintenance companies

The Irvine garden maintenance services offered by the professionals in our network can help maintain the health of plants, trees, flowers and the entire landscape of any residential or commercial property. They can organise a comprehensive schedule of mowing, edging and trimming services to keep your garden beautiful year round. The garden maintenance services in our network can handle a wide variety of work including fertilization of grass, pruning of trees, weed control, seasonal floral displays and sprinkler repair. They are also able to handle special landscaping projects for property owners as well.

Reasons to Schedule Professional Garden Maintenance

Even if you're an expert when it comes to plants, there are still times when it just makes sense to hire a professional to maintain your garden. Depending on how elaborate it is, you may find that you just don't have the time to keep weeds under control and trim back your plants. In some cases, people who are sick or injured will call for help during the time they can't perform their own maintenance tasks. Finally, even those who have some experience with plants may be interested in obtaining advise and expertise from professionals.

benefits of maintaining your Irvine garden

Temporary vs. Long-Term Garden Maintenance

People opt for professional maintenance in a variety of situations, and most of those fit into temporary or long-term categories.

  • Temporary garden maintenance - This is common for individuals who usually tend their own gardens, but who will be unable to do so for a short period of time. For example, Irvine residents going on holiday, those who have suffered injuries or had surgeries, and people who become ill will often call for temporary maintenance. This means that the garden will only be maintained until the homeowner is up to the task once again.
  • Long-term garden maintenance - On the other hand, there are some home and business owners who prefer to hire a gardener long-term. People who work full-time and raise families may not have the time to give their gardens proper care. Elderly homeowners who can no longer tend to their gardens may also consider hiring a long-term gardener to keep their plants healthy and beautiful.
Irvine garden maintenance costs

Irvine Garden Maintenance Costs

Most prices can vary tremendously depending on the scope of work that needs to be done on the project. The size of the property, the types of plants used and the regional costs of labour are factors that will impact the price of your Irvine garden maintenance contract. The experts in our network can devise a garden maintenance plan to meet virtually any need and any budget.

Factors Affecting the Difficulty of Garden Maintenance

When it comes to determining how much time will go into maintaining a garden, there are a few things to consider. First, of course, is the sheer size of your garden. A very large garden will require much more weeding and care than a small one. Next is the type of flora you have planted in your garden. There are some species of plants that require almost no care at all once they’re in the ground, but there are others that will require attention a few times per week to keep them healthy. Finally, the type of work you need help with also plays a role in difficulty. If you need several services – things like sowing grass seed, watering, fertilizing, and pruning, for example – this will be more difficult than a single service, such as raking leaves.

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Benefits of Performing Professional Garden Maintenance Regularly

One of the main benefits you will enjoy when having your Irvine garden professionally maintained is that it will save you a substantial amount of time. This will enable you to spend time engaged in other activities that you enjoy – instead of slogging through garden-related chores and maintenance each weekend. All work performed in your garden will also be done so efficiently and professionally, leaving you with a beautiful garden all year round.

Your Irvine Garden Maintenance Questions Answered

Most basic maintenance includes weeding, pruning, mulching and composting. Much of this is work that can be done in conjunction with your normal watering and harvesting routines.

Unless you're leaving town or don't like getting your hands dirty, there isn't much in your garden that you can't do yourself. Hiring a professional is often about convenience. The only exception might be soil testing, but most home improvement stores now sell basic soil testing kits. Advice and guidance from professional Irvine gardeners is also something that you cannot replicate elsewhere.

This will depend on the amount of maintenance that needs to be completed. For a large job that will take a while, most gardeners will charge an hourly rate, between £15 and £30. For smaller, faster jobs, most gardeners will charge a flat rate.

There isn't a strict schedule as to when garden maintenance should be performed. Most maintenance jobs, like grass cutting, fertilization, and trimming should be done on an as-needed basis.

By using plants such as yarrow, petunia, and primrose that require very little maintenance. Keeping a thick layer of mulch in your garden will also prevent weeds from growing and reduce the number of waterings you need.

This depends primarily on the size of your garden and the complexity of the plants. For example, a very large garden may take more time than a small one, but even a small garden may take a few hours a week to maintain if the plants require constant care.

Maintenance isn’t limited to the size of your lawn or property, so if you need help with a small lawn and garden area – even temporarily – feel free to fill out the short form and receive quotes from up to four different gardening companies in your local area.

Typically, no, but some companies may provide these services in addition to maintenance for an extra fee. If you want to plant flowers, trees, or shrubs, be sure to include this in your quote request so you can be contacted by Irvine companies who can help you.

This will depend on the size of your garden area and the type of plants that have been used. The professionals will provide you with their recommendations in this regard. In most cases though, maintenance will need to be performed more often during Summer than Winter.

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Sample Requests For Professional Garden Maintenance Services

26 May New Gardener Needed

Since our gardener moved we have been looking for a reliable, local gardener to maintain our gardens on a weekly basis. Look forward to hearing from anyone interested.

26 May Monthly Maintenance

I have a very simple garden behind my modest home, and I would like monthly maintenance performed. Can you offer me a quote for maintaining a basic garden?

26 May Assistance Needed

I am able to do basic gardening myself; however I would like to contract with someone who will handle the larger responsibilities on a monthly basis. Please provide a quote for regularly monthly maintenance.

25 May Costs Needed

Our garden is getting a bit too much for us to maintain all by ourselves, so we would like to know more about hiring some extra help. We would like to know some hourly rates for services such as lawn mowing and hedge trimming to help us cope.