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Nearly anyone can benefit from having a garden shed, whether you need space to put a few lawn tools or want a place where you can easily re-pot plants. New Irvine garden sheds can be built on any size lot, and may also be designed to your exact specifications so that you get exactly what you are looking for at a price you can afford. Get started obtaining quotes right now by using our easy online form.

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Irvine shed supply and installation

When it comes to garden sheds, you can feel free to make it a multi-purpose structure if you'd like. Use one section for storage, another as a greenhouse, and yet another to park lawn equipment in. You could also have a garden shed that is one large open area, which would be perfect if you also want to use it as a workshop. When planning your garden shed, think about your reason for wanting one and your lifestyle in order to come up with a plan that is just right for you.

Garden Sheds from the Simple to the Complex

One of the best things about garden sheds is that there’s really no limit on what you can create. You could create a shed that’s an exact replica of your home, a rustic getaway in your backyard, or a simple structure designed to safely store tools and other equipment. Not all contractors and garden shed builders provide the same services, so when you fill out the form for quotes, make sure you’ve explained what you hope to create. This way, the companies who can best serve your needs in your local area will contact you.

Choosing the Right Garden Shed Size

The size of your garden shed will ultimately be determined by the size and number of things you wish to store inside. For some homeowners, a garden shed is merely that – a place to store your garden tools and mower. For other families, a garden shed may be used as storage to store household items, bicycles, and outdoor toys. You can discuss the size of your shed with a professional to discover the best size and type of garden shed that will suit your unique needs, and you can even choose the materials from which your shed is constructed to provide better protection to the contents.

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Keeping Your Garden Shed Secure

Many people keep expensive equipment in their garden sheds. This may include everything from several bicycles to a tractor mower worth several thousand pounds. In either case, it’s important to keep your garden shed safe to prevent break-ins. The best way to do this is to choose or build a shed with a sturdy door coupled with a strong lock, and if you choose one with windows, make sure they are shatter-proof and that they lock securely. Many homeowners will focus security cameras on their garden sheds, and they also use motion lights which trigger when someone comes near as a preventative measure.

Irvine garden shed costs

Irvine Garden Shed Costs

Typical Irvine garden shed prices mostly depend on the size of building you choose. The type of materials your shed is constructed of will also play a role, as metal buildings tend to cost less than wooden ones do. If you can get by with a dirt floor, you could save money on the installation of a wooden or concrete floor. Of course, elaborate fixtures and amenities will also increase the cost of your project, so think about what you need carefully before making your plan final.

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Are Cheap Sheds the Best Solution?

When choosing the materials to build a garden shed or looking at the various ready made options, several North Ayrshire property owners try to cut costs wherever possible, thinking that ‘one shed is much the same as another.’ However, it is recommended that you spend a little extra to ensure that you get decent building materials or a good quality pre-built shed. After all, you will most likely be storing costly garden tools and equipment in it, so it makes perfect sense to ensure that they will be adequately protected.

Your Irvine Garden Shed Questions Answered

This is entirely up to you. The most common garden shed materials are wood and aluminium, and each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. Aluminium sheds are lighter and easier to assemble, but wooden sheds tend to last longer.

Of course! Depending on the supplier that you purchase it from, a pre-fabricated garden shed can actually be delivered fully assembled and ready to place.

The size of your garden shed will depend on what you need to store in it. Something that is just designed to store garden tools could be small, where a shed that is designed to store a tractor, lawn mower or other power equipment would need to be much larger.

By placing roll insulation in the attic or floor during the initial construction. You may also add insulation to your exterior walls, and then cover it with a layer of vinyl or aluminium siding.

Absolutely. Certain tasks can be performed indoors, and if your garden shed is roomy enough, you can certainly install windows and a workbench. Often, it's as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, and you can choose to mimic the design of your home exterior for a put-together look.

This is entirely up to you, but it’s best to choose an area that is relatively level to save you money on installation costs. While it’s possible to place a shed on a hill, this will require significant work – often with heavy machinery – that can cost hundreds of pounds in labour alone. Other than that, you can place your garden shed in the corner of your back lawn, near a garden-area patio, or anywhere you choose. One other consideration might be ease of access if you need to enter the shed regularly, so closer to your home might be a better option in this instance.

This depends on many factors, including whether you’ve chosen to build a shed on-site or buy a prefabricated one. To install a prefabricated shed on a perfectly flat lawn with foundation spikes, it may take a matter of hours. To install a new larger shed on foundations it will take longer. On the other hand, to build a shed from the ground up, or to put a shed on ground that must be levelled out first, it may take several days or even weeks, depending on the scope of the work and foundations needed.

Costs will vary depending on the size of the shed you’d like to build, the type of material you want to use (wood or aluminium) and whether you will be laying a floor in it or not - some property owners are happy with a dirt floor, whereas others prefer a finished concrete or wooden floor.

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